What are wedding photography styles?

Agosto 1, 2023

Wedding photography is a beautiful art form that offers various styles to suit every couple’s unique preferences and personalities. Here are some popular wedding photography styles :

  1. Traditional: Classic and timeless, this style focuses on posed and formal shots, capturing essential moments with family and friends.
  2. Photojournalistic/Documentary: Candid and unobtrusive, this style tells the wedding day’s story as it unfolds, capturing authentic and spontaneous moments.
  3. Fine Art: Characterized by its artistic approach, this style uses creative angles, lighting, and composition to produce stunning and visually striking images.
  4. Editorial/Fashion: Glamorous and polished, this style incorporates fashion-inspired elements, resulting in elegant and magazine-worthy images.
  5. Vintage: Nostalgic and romantic, this style uses editing techniques to give photos a timeless and retro feel, reminiscent of old film photography.
  6. Destination: Tailored to capture the essence of a specific location, this style focuses on showcasing the destination’s beauty and cultural elements.
  7. Artistic Composite: A blend of photography and digital art, this style produces unique and imaginative images that showcase the couple in surreal or dreamlike scenarios.

What about me? Mine is authorial reportage. This means I empathise a lot and let feelings and the impressions of the event flow through my cameras.